Wes McCabe 
Art Director & Designer


Apple Swiped

“Swiped” is the fourth installment in The Underdogs series. Each short showcases a specific set of Apple features. In “Swiped” we follow a stolen Mac to see Apple’s security features at work. “Swiped” is currently the most viewed video (75M views) on Apple’s YouTube channel.

Watch the film here.

Team: Apple Marcom
Role: Visual Design, Art Direction
Creative Direction: Chris Thurman,
Lauren Van Aswegen
Copywriter: Joseph Cheong
Producer: Kyle Hill
Director: Mark Molloy

Apple Small Business

The first dedicated space on Apple.com for small businesses (SMBs). In the past Apple simply had a “Business” section that catered to businesses of all sizes. Now there is a more personalized experience for the different types of businesses they serve.

Check out the site here.

Team: Apple Marcom
Role: Visual Design, Screen Design
Art Director: Lydia Ortiz
Designers: Myself, Candice Ralph, Willie Shaw
Site Development: Kettle

New Heights

New Heights with Jason & Travis Kelce is an original digital series from the NFL’s funniest family duo. I was commissioned to create a series of collages that would serve as the identity for the podcast. 

Service: Identity, Collage, Art Direction
Client: Jukes
Agency: Marcy Avenue

The Athletic

In 2020, The Athletic partnered with Gretel to bring a fresh voice to sports journalism. Here is a collection of brand executions done in-house at The Athletic for applications across social, digital, print, and editorial. 

Service: Brand, Social, Editorial
Client: The Athletic


Rosadito is the first canned rosé in Mexico. The team wanted to create a brand that would appeal to a young demographic. The founders wanted Rosadito to be something you could grab and take to the park. 

Service: Packaging, Branding, Logotype
Client: Rosadito